Executive Search

With a deep understanding of the market requirements, cultural sensitivities and budget planning, our consultants offer our clients a tailored approach to Executive Search, mirroring a win-win situation for both company and talent. We help make this process smooth by building trust and confidentiality with both parties involved. CONTACT CONSULTANT

Manpower Outsourcing

We help companies source manpower by infusing quality hires, skill based placement and training. We do not have a "one size fits all" approach and we consult with you to make sure this solution is specific to your needs every step of the way. CONTACT CONSULTANT

Payroll Services

How does it sound if your Payroll is managed exactly the way you want but without adding headcount, processes and controls in-house? Management of salaries, wages and bonuses on time and in budget as per your yearly estimates requires precise controls and teams of experts that can offer you day-to-day payroll operations. We at Integrated Employment Solution provide you with hassle free and accurate operations services. CONTACT CONSULTANT


Do you have the next generation of leaders ready to fill the right roles?
Can you avoid an empty C-Suite or unqualified people leading the future of the company?
The only way to avoid such situations is through a strong Succession Planning program that identifies and fosters the next generation of leaders through mentoring, training and stretch assignments designed to prepare the next level of mid and senior level management.
Let us help you through this process. Click below to contact our Senior Recruitment Director and Psychologist.


Our method succeeds because we’re determined to help you reach your unique objective, leveraging a vast network of professional and business resources to accomplish that goal.
We care deeply about your current needs and ultimate dreams.
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Our consultant will sign with you a Non Disclosure Agreement and will proceed with a detailed mapping of your profile, potential and matching with organizations from the industry of your choice.

We Integrated Solution Employment Services are a trusted business partner offering innovative and customized talent acquisition solutions to our clients